Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-6413 Exemption From Adequate Water Supply Requirements Based On An Adequate Water Supply Within Twenty Years; Criteria; Application

48-6413. Exemption from adequate water supply requirements based on an adequate water supply within twenty years; criteria; application

A. A subdivider may apply to the director for an exemption from the water adequacy requirements in section 48-6411, subsections A and B pursuant to this section on a form prescribed by the director. The director shall grant the exemption if the subdivider demonstrates to the satisfaction of the director that the subdivision will be served by a water supply project to which both of the following apply:

1. The subdivider has demonstrated financial capability pursuant to section 45-108.04, but the water supply project will not be capable of serving the subdivision with sufficient water to meet its demands in a timely manner because of one of the following:

(a) The physical works for delivering water to the subdivision are not complete but are under construction and will be completed within twenty years.

(b) The subdivision will be served Colorado river water by a water provider that does not currently have the legal right to serve the water to the subdivision, but the water provider has an existing permanent contract for the Colorado river water and will have the legal right to serve the water to the subdivision within twenty years.

2. The subdivision will have an adequate water supply when the construction of the physical works is completed or the water supply is legally available to serve the subdivision, whichever applies, and the interim water supply that will serve the subdivision meets all of the criteria for an adequate water supply under section 45-108.04 except that the interim water supply will not be available for one hundred years.

B. Section 45-114, subsections A and B govern administrative proceedings, rehearing or review and judicial review of final decisions of the director under this section.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016