Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-983 Payment Of Assessments; Issuance And Sale Of Bonds

48-983. Payment of assessments; issuance and sale of bonds

A. Following the recording of the diagram and assessment as provided in section 48-927, the clerk shall give notice of the day the assessment was recorded, that the assessments may be paid to the treasurer in cash within thirty days, and, if bonds are to be issued, that bonds will be issued to represent the unpaid assessments.

B. The notice shall be as provided in section 48-916 for the resolution of intention and mailed as provided in section 48-981 for the notice to property owners.

C. After the period of collection has expired, the treasurer shall file a return as provided in section 48-928.

D. The board shall, by resolution, determine the amount of assessments remaining unpaid, shall provide for the issuance of bonds for the amount of the unpaid assessments and shall prescribe their form and denomination, the amount of the bonds to mature each year, their payment on July 1 at the office of the county treasurer or at the office of a paying agent within or without the state as designated by the board, for a term not to exceed twenty years and three months, or not to exceed forty years in the case of domestic water improvement districts and domestic wastewater improvement districts as defined by section 48-1011, and that they shall bear interest at not to exceed the maximum rate specified in the resolution of intention, represented by semiannual interest coupons attached, except the first which shall be for interest to the January 1 or July 1, as the case may be, on which funds collected on the county tax roll may be made available.

E. If, upon presentation at maturity, payment of any bond or coupon is not paid for want of funds, the bond or coupon shall continue to bear interest at the rate stated in the bond until paid in full.

F. The bonds may be sold as the board directs. The proceeds of the sale shall be deposited with the treasurer in a fund created by the treasurer, and shall be used for the objects and purposes of the project.

G. If any surplus is realized when the project is completed, it shall be credited proportionately upon the assessments and returned to those who have paid in cash or credited on assessments that have gone or will go to bond.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016