Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-984 Annual Assessment Installments

48-984. Annual assessment installments

A. Annual installments of principal and interest of the assessments shall be collected on the county tax roll in the manner provided in section 48-946 and the provisions of sections 48-947 and 48-952 shall apply.

B. The annual installments of the assessments shall constitute a first lien on the respective lots or parcels assessed, coequal with the lien of general taxes, not subject to extinguishment by a sale for nonpayment of general taxes prior and superior to all demands, executions, incumbrances, titles or liens whensoever created, including the lien of all special assessments thereafter levied, and shall continue until such assessment installments, with penalties, interest and charges that may accrue thereon, shall have been paid.

C. Any surplus remaining in a bond redemption fund after the bonds and interest have been paid shall be used as provided in section 48-983, subsection G.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016