Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-123 Hazardous Materials Emergency Management Program; Arizona Emergency Response Commission; Emergency Planning And Community Right‑to‑know

49-123. Hazardous materials emergency management program; Arizona emergency response commission; emergency planning and community right-to-know

A. The department is designated the lead agency for developing and implementing a state hazardous materials emergency management program.

B. The director shall appoint a coordinator to work in consultation with the Arizona emergency response commission in the development and implementation of the hazardous materials emergency management program.

C. The Arizona emergency response commission is established consisting of representatives from the following agencies and departments:

1. The division of emergency management.

2. The department of health services.

3. The department of public safety.

4. The department of transportation.

5. The Arizona department of agriculture.

6. The corporation commission.

7. The industrial commission of Arizona.

8. The office of state fire marshal.

9. The office of state mine inspector.

10. The radiation regulatory agency.

11. Two representatives nominated by the Arizona fire chiefs association or its successor organization, one of whom represents a fire department or a fire district serving a population of less than two hundred fifty thousand persons.

12. Other agencies or offices deemed necessary by the director.

D. This article does not change or alter the existing regulatory authority or provisions of law relating to the agencies and departments listed in subsection C of this section.

E. The department is designated as the lead agency for implementing title III of the superfund amendments and reauthorization act of 1986 (P.L. 99-499). The director shall administer any monies received under subsection G of this section.

F. The department shall administer this article and the rules adopted under this article. The department shall administer title III in this state and may conduct whatever activities are necessary to implement this article and title III in this state. The department is granted all the authority and responsibilities of a state emergency response commission for purposes of title III.

G. The department may procure by contract the temporary or intermittent services of experts or consultants if such services are to be performed on a part-time or fee-for-services basis and do not involve the performance of administrative duties. The department may also enter into agreements with the federal government, Indian tribes, other states and political subdivisions of this state for the purposes of this article. The department may also accept on behalf of this state any reimbursement, grant or gift that may become available for purposes of this article. The department shall deposit, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, any such monies in the emergency response fund.

H. The department shall establish a program of financial grants to local governments funded through the department by appropriations to the emergency response fund. The grants shall be dedicated to and used for local compliance with this article. The department shall include procedures for applying for the grants and qualifying criteria for awarding the grants.

I. The department shall adopt and may modify, suspend or repeal rules pursuant to title 41, chapter 6. The rules may not be more stringent than title III and the federal regulations adopted under title III, except as specifically authorized in this article. These rules shall implement this article and title III in this state. The authority to adopt rules includes establishing:

1. Procedures for handling public information requests.

2. Procedures and implementing programs for chemical emergency planning and preparedness.

3. Community right-to-know program reporting requirements.

4. Fees to implement the community right-to-know program. The fees shall be deposited, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, in the emergency response fund established by section 49-132. The governor's regulatory review council must approve rules adopted pursuant to this paragraph.

5. Release reporting requirements.

J. The department shall ensure that mandatory hazardous materials training programs for on-scene command personnel that are developed, delivered or managed by their respective agencies, departments or divisions address notification procedures, coordination of services and comprehensive management for protection of the public health during and after a chemical or other toxic fire event. The training shall include notification and coordination with the department of public safety, the department of transportation, the radiation regulatory agency, the commission, local emergency planning committees, the department of health services, the division of emergency management, the national response center and the Arizona poison control system. Training shall also include orientation on the state emergency response and recovery plan concerning hazardous materials. The department shall encourage private companies that deliver similar training in this state to include the same curriculum in their programs.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016