Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-128 Emergency Notification Of Reportable Releases

49-128. Emergency notification of reportable releases

A. If a reportable release of an extremely hazardous substance listed under section 49-126 occurs from a facility at which a hazardous chemical is produced, used or stored, the owner or operator of the facility, except as excluded under 40 Code of Federal Regulations sections 355.31 and 355.32, in addition to any other notification required by law or rule, shall immediately orally notify the community emergency coordinator for the local emergency planning committee for any area likely to be affected by the reportable release, the department and appropriate emergency responders designated by rule of the department, in the manner prescribed by rule of the department. Unless impracticable under the circumstances, this oral notification shall occur immediately after the facility emergency coordinator or the coordinator's designee has knowledge of the reportable release. The notice of the reportable release shall include the following to the extent known at the time of the notice and as long as no delay in responding to the emergency results:

1. The specific location of the release.

2. The chemical name or identity of substances released and a description of the container or vessel from which the release occurred.

3. An estimate of the quantity of substances that were released into the environment.

4. The time and duration of the release.

5. The medium or media into which the release occurred.

6. Any known or anticipated acute or chronic health risks associated with the release and, if within the informant's knowledge, advice regarding medical attention necessary for exposed individuals.

7. Proper precautions to take as a result of the release, including evacuation and other proposed response actions.

8. The name and telephone number of the person or persons to be contacted for further information.

B. Within thirty days after the reportable release, the owner or operator of a facility where a release occurred requiring notification pursuant to this section shall submit to the local emergency planning committee and to the department a written follow-up emergency notice stating and updating the information originally provided pursuant to subsection A of this section and including the following additional information:

1. Actions taken to respond to and contain the release.

2. Any known or anticipated acute or chronic health risks associated with the release.

3. If appropriate, advice regarding medical attention necessary for exposed individuals.

4. Measures that have been or will be taken at the facility to avoid a reoccurrence of similar releases.

C. After additional information becomes known, the owner or operator shall update the notice in writing within seven calendar days.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016