Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-218 Definitions

49-218. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. " CERCLA brownfields cleanup revolving loan fund program" means the program established by the environmental protection agency to provide financial assistance in the form of loans or grants to eligible persons to remediate contamination at eligible sites as provided in section 104(k) of CERCLA and applicable guidance documents prepared by the environmental protection agency to implement this program.

2. " Eligible activities" means removal as defined by section 101(23) of CERCLA and includes required engineering evaluations, cost analysis of cleanup alternatives, public participation requirements and reasonable and necessary site monitoring activities during the remediation.

3. " Eligible person" means a person who is eligible to receive a loan or grant under the CERCLA brownfields cleanup revolving loan fund program.

4. " Eligible site" means a site that is a brownfields site as defined by section 101(39) of CERCLA, that is within an area designated in a cooperative agreement between the department and the environmental protection agency and that is one of the following:

(a) Accepted into the department's voluntary remediation program.

(b) Subject to a remediation agreement with the department's water quality assurance revolving fund program.

(c) Being addressed by a remediation specialist who is certified by the board of technical registration pursuant to section 32-131.

(d) Being addressed through another program or oversight mechanism that is approved by the department.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016