Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-225 Water Quality Monitoring

49-225. Water quality monitoring

A. The director of environmental quality shall, with the advice and cooperation of the Arizona department of agriculture and the director of water resources, conduct ongoing monitoring of the waters of the state including the state's navigable waters and aquifers to detect the presence of new and existing pollutants, determine compliance with applicable water quality standards, determine the effectiveness of best management practices, agricultural best management practices and best available demonstrated control technologies, evaluate the effects of pollutants on public health or the environment and determine water quality trends.

B. The director shall maintain a statewide data base of groundwater and soils sampled for pollutants. All agencies shall submit to the director, in a timely manner, the results of any groundwater or soils sampling for pollutants and the results of any groundwater or soils sampling that detect any pollutants.

C. The director shall establish minimum requirements and schedules for groundwater and soils sampling that will ensure precise and accurate results. The requirements shall be distributed to all agencies that conduct sampling. All sampling conducted shall meet the minimum requirements established pursuant to this subsection.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016