Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-457.04 Off-Highway Vehicle And All-Terrain Vehicle Dealers; Informational Material; Outreach; Applicability

49-457.04. Off-highway vehicle and all-terrain vehicle dealers; informational material; outreach; applicability

A. Any person who rents or sells in the normal course of business off-highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles or off-road recreational motor vehicles, other than golf carts sold to public or private golf courses, shall provide to the buyer or renter of the vehicle printed materials that are approved by the department pursuant to this section.

B. The department shall produce printed materials and distribute those materials to persons who sell or rent off-highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles or off-road recreational motor vehicles. The printed materials shall be designed to educate and inform the user of the vehicle on methods for reducing the generation of dust and shall include information regarding dust control ordinances and restrictions that may be applicable. The department shall make available on the department's website the printed materials in a format that is accessible to the public.

C. This section applies in a county with a population of two million or more persons or any portion of a county in an area designated by the environmental protection agency as a serious PM-10 nonattainment area or a maintenance area that was designated as a serious PM-10 nonattainment area.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016