Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-458.01 State Implementation Plan Revision; Regional Haze; Rules

49-458.01. State implementation plan revision; regional haze; rules

A. The director shall submit to the administrator state implementation plan revisions to address regional haze visibility impairment in mandatory federal class I areas. The state implementation plan revisions submitted to the administrator shall address any of the following as necessary to submit an approvable plan:

1. The applicable time period.

2. A monitoring strategy for regional haze visibility impairment.

3. Calculations of baseline visibility conditions and natural visibility conditions.

4. Comprehensive emissions tracking strategies for clean air corridors.

5. Implementation of stationary source emissions reduction strategies.

6. Provisions addressing mobile source emissions.

7. Programs related to emissions from fire sources defined as wildland fire, including wildfire, prescribed natural fire, wildland fire use, prescribed fire and agricultural burning conducted and occurring on federal, state and private lands.

8. Provisions addressing the impact of dust emissions on visibility impairment.

9. Provisions relating to pollution prevention.

10. Best available retrofit technology requirements.

11. A report that assesses emissions control strategies for stationary source emissions of oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter and the degree of visibility improvement that would result from implemented strategies.

12. A long-term strategy that addresses regional haze visibility impairment.

13. Additional measures necessary to make reasonable progress toward remedying existing and preventing future regional haze in mandatory federal class I areas.

14. For the Arizona Grand Canyon visibility transport commission class I areas, a projection of the improvement in visibility conditions that are expected from the implementation of all measures set forth in the implementation plan.

15. For the eight other Arizona mandatory federal class I areas, provisions for the establishment of reasonable progress goals.

16. Periodic progress reports.

B. The department may establish intrastate market trading programs and participate in interstate market trading programs as necessary to submit an approvable plan under subsection A.

C. The director may adopt rules necessary for the revisions to the state implementation plan that address regional haze.

D. Except as provided in subsection E, the department may meet the requirements of subsection A by submitting plan revisions under 40 Code of Federal Regulations section 51.308 or section 51.309.

E. The department may submit a plan revision under 40 Code of Federal Regulations section 51.309 only if the revision contains a determination pursuant to 40 Code of Federal Regulations section 51.309 (d)(5)(ii) that mobile source emissions from areas within the state do not contribute significantly to visibility impairment in any of the Grand Canyon visibility transport commission class I areas.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016