Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-481 Grant Or Denial Of Applications

49-481. Grant or denial of applications

A. The control officer shall deny a permit or revision if the applicant does not show that every such source is so designed, controlled, or equipped with such air pollution control equipment that it may be expected to operate without emitting or without causing to be emitted air contaminants in violation of the provisions of this article and the rules adopted by the board of supervisors.

B. Prior to acting on an application for a permit, the control officer may require the applicant to provide and maintain such facilities as are necessary for sampling and testing purposes in order to secure information that will disclose the nature, extent, quantity or degree of air contaminants discharged into the atmosphere from the source described in the application. In the event of such a requirement, the control officer shall notify the applicant in writing of the type and characteristics of such facilities.

C. In acting upon an application for a permit renewal, if the control officer finds that such source has been constructed not in accordance with any prior permit or revision issued pursuant to section 49-480.01, he shall require the person to obtain a permit revision or deny the application for such permit. The control officer shall not accept any further application for a permit for such source so constructed until he finds that such source has been reconstructed in accordance with the prior permit or a revision, or a revision to the permit has been obtained.

D. After a decision on a permit or revision, the control officer shall notify the applicant and any person who filed a comment on the permit pursuant to section 49-480 or the revision pursuant to section 49-480.01 in writing of the decision, and if the permit is denied, the reasons for such denial. Service of this notification may be made in person or by first class mail. The control officer shall not accept a further application unless the applicant has corrected the reasons for the objections specified by the control officer as reasons for such denial.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016