Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-487 Classification And Reporting; Confidentiality Of Records

49-487. Classification and reporting; confidentiality of records

A. The board of supervisors by rules which are equal to or more restrictive than those adopted by the director of environmental quality shall classify air contaminant sources according to levels and types of emissions and other characteristics which relate to air pollution, and shall require reporting for any such class or classes. Reports may be required as to physical outlets, processes and fuels used, the nature and duration of emissions and such other information as is relevant to air pollution and deemed necessary by the board.

B. The owner, lessee, or operator of a potential air contaminant source shall provide, install, maintain, and operate such air contaminant monitoring devices as are reasonable and required to determine compliance in a manner acceptable to the control officer, and shall supply monitoring information as directed in writing by the control officer. Such devices shall be available for inspection by the control officer during all reasonable times.

C. Any records, reports or information obtained from any person under this chapter, including records, reports or information obtained or prepared by the control officer or a county employee, shall be available to the public, except that the information or any part of the information shall be considered confidential on either of the following:

1. A showing, satisfactory to the control officer, by any person that the information or a part of the information if made public would divulge the trade secrets of the person.

2. A determination by the county attorney that disclosure of the information or a particular part of the information would be detrimental to an ongoing criminal investigation or to an ongoing or contemplated civil enforcement action under this chapter in superior court.

D. Notwithstanding subsection C of this section, the following information shall be available to the public:

1. The name and address of any permit applicant or permittee.

2. The chemical constituents, concentrations and amounts of any emission of any air contaminant.

3. The existence or level of a concentration of an air pollutant in the environment.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016