Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-832 Administration And Enforcement By Department Of Environmental Quality; Powers And Duties

49-832. Administration and enforcement by department of environmental quality; powers and duties

A. The department of environmental quality shall administer and oversee the enforcement of this article.

B. In addition to its other powers and duties, the department shall:

1. Prepare, update and oversee implementation of the Arizona recycling program consistent with the goals of this article.

2. Designate an Arizona recycling coordinator to oversee the program.

3. Serve as the agency of this state for the receipt of monies from the federal government or other public or private institutions.

4. Cooperate with appropriate federal, state, interstate and local units of government and with appropriate private organizations in carrying out its duties under this article.

5. Initiate, conduct and support research, demonstration projects and investigations and monitor all agency research programs in this state pertaining to recycling and source reduction.

6. Administer and distribute monies in the recycling fund for public education programs on recycling and source reduction that the department believes will provide technical assistance for recycling and source reduction, for research and for other purposes consistent with this article.

7. Administer and distribute monies in the recycling fund designated for the award of grants established under this article.

8. Adopt rules pursuant to title 41, chapter 6 to implement, administer and enforce the provisions of this article.

9. Encourage the use of private industry through contracts for some or all of the requirements of the Arizona recycling program and other activities as may be considered necessary.

10. Monitor municipalities and counties for compliance with sections 9-500.07 and 11-269 concerning an opportunity to engage in recycling and waste reduction.

C. The department of environmental quality, in consultation with the department of health services regarding matters of public health significance, shall do both of the following:

1. Initiate, conduct and support research, demonstration projects and investigations and coordinate all state agency research programs pertaining to municipal and county solid waste management systems.

2. Spend monies for studies and research with respect to the provisions and goals of this article and the rules adopted under it.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016