Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-833 Public Education

49-833. Public education

A. By May 1, 1992, the department, in consultation with the state board of education, shall implement and conduct a program of public education and provide information to increase awareness of individual responsibility for properly reducing and disposing of solid waste and to encourage participation in recycling, reuse and source reduction. The program shall communicate the importance of conserving natural resources, of avoiding harm to the environment or public health and of promoting resource conservation, recovery and reuse by industry, this state, municipalities and counties. The program shall also inform the public of the potential benefits of collecting and recycling potentially hazardous materials including used oil, batteries and waste tires.

B. The department is the lead agency and promoter for all state programs that provide technical assistance for public education programs. In addition to these coordinating functions, the department shall encourage recycling and source reduction by:

1. Providing advice and consultation to persons, businesses and manufacturers on recycling and source reduction techniques.

2. Sponsoring or cosponsoring with public or private organizations technical workshops and seminars on recycling and source reduction.

3. Administering a recycling and source reduction data base and hotline providing referral services to waste generators.

4. Promoting recycling and the use of recycled products.

5. Administering a recycling and source reduction research and development program.

6. Coordinating a recycling and source reduction public education and advertising program that includes the use of existing publications from public and private sources, as well as publishing necessary new materials on source reduction.

7. Recommending to educational institutions courses and curricula in areas related to recycling and source reduction or encouraging the development of courses in managing solid waste.

C. The department shall establish or adopt, by rule, an official recycling emblem and conduct a consumer awareness program with respect to that emblem. Rules may stipulate prohibitions on the unauthorized use of the recycling emblem.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016