Arizona Revised Statutes § 5-1104 Sports Authority Plan; Authority Board Powers And Duties; Advisory Board

5-1104. Sports authority plan; authority board powers and duties; advisory board

(Conditionally Rpld.)

A. The authority board shall submit a plan for the operation of the sports authority, including proposals for the construction, renovation, expansion or repair of stadiums, multipurpose facilities and youth sports facilities as provided in this chapter. The plan shall:

1. Be developed and submitted to the board of directors within ninety days after the appointment of the initial authority board.

2. Be finalized following public hearings and meetings held in the authority.

3. Specify the general purposes for which the monies of the authority, including tax revenues pursuant to sections 5-1133 through 5-1137, will be spent during the first twenty years of the authority's operations.

B. In addition, the authority board, on behalf of the sports authority, shall:

1. Promote major league baseball spring training in the authority.

2. Acquire, construct, lease, finance, lease-purchase or otherwise obtain use of facilities for major league baseball spring training and related activities.

3. Provide grants and assistance to political subdivisions of this state and to nonprofit corporations for the development and operations of sporting activities.

4. Approve capital projects that are provided by the budget.

5. Issue revenue bonds pursuant to article 3 of this chapter.

6. Appoint from among its members a chairperson, a secretary and such other officers as may be necessary to conduct its business.

7. Employ an executive director and prescribe the terms and conditions of employment.

8. Keep and maintain a complete and accurate record of all of its proceedings. The board is a public body for purposes of title 38, chapter 3, article 3.1 and title 39, chapter 1.

9. Provide for the use, maintenance and operation of the properties and interests owned or managed by the authority.

C. The authority board may:

1. Enter into contracts, including intergovernmental agreements under title 11, chapter 7, article 3, as necessary to carry out the purposes and requirements of this chapter.

2. Adopt administrative rules as necessary to administer and operate the authority and any property under its jurisdiction.

3. Acquire by any lawful means, other than eminent domain, and operate, maintain, encumber and dispose of real and personal property and interests in property.

4. Retain legal counsel and other consultants as necessary to carry out the purposes of the authority.

5. Enter into contracts for the lease or rental of any facility or facilities of the authority with a nonprofit community based organization that sponsors a professional or youth sporting event that provide for the payment to the organization of a ticket surcharge or facility user fee associated with parking if the authority has fully paid the current year's required principal and interest payments on any outstanding authority bonds for which these revenues were pledged pursuant to article 3 of this chapter.

D. The authority shall comply with zoning, lighting and all other laws and ordinances of the county, city or town with zoning jurisdiction over any property owned by the authority.

E. The authority board shall appoint an advisory board consisting of members representing a broad spectrum of interested parties for the purpose of advising the authority in its activities to fully perform and accomplish its purposes.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016