Arizona Revised Statutes § 5-1106 Major League Baseball Spring Training Facilities; Local Financial Participation

5-1106. Major league baseball spring training facilities; local financial participation

(Conditionally Rpld.)

A. The authority may:

1. Acquire land or construct, finance, furnish, improve, market or promote the use of existing or proposed major league baseball spring training facilities that are located in the authority and other structures, utilities, roads, parking areas or buildings necessary for full use of the training facilities for sports and other purposes.

2. Do all things necessary or convenient to accomplish the purposes described in this subsection.

B. Except as provided by section 5-1139, monies of the authority may be used for the purposes of:

1. Attracting major league baseball spring training operations to locations in the authority.

2. Retaining major league baseball spring training operations in their current locations in the authority.

C. The authority board may require that any project undertaken pursuant to this section include financial participation from the county or municipality in which the project is located, from a private party or from any combination of these entities. Capital improvement monies spent by a county, municipality or private party for a purpose authorized by this section may be considered to be financial participation with respect to any project the authority may undertake if the expenditures occur after the authority is established.

D. For the purposes of financing, designing or constructing facilities or structures, the authority is not the agent of any other party participating in the funding of the facility or structure.

E. Before undertaking the planning or construction of the first new facility under this section, the authority board may consider the costs of anticipated required renovations of existing facilities and shall consider such costs for subsequent new facilities.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016