Arizona Revised Statutes § 5-238 Sham Boxing; Withholding A Purse

5-238. Sham boxing; withholding a purse

A. The commission may withhold all or part of a purse or other monies payable to any contestant, manager or second if in the judgment of the commission a boxing contestant is participating in a sham or fake boxing contest or is otherwise not competing honestly or to the best of his ability.

B. If the commission withholds a purse or part of a purse or other monies the commission shall give notice to all interested parties and hold a hearing upon the matter within ten days.

C. If the commission determines that a contestant, manager or second is not entitled to a purse, part of a purse or other monies the promoter shall turn such monies over to the director to be applied pursuant to section 5-104.02, subsection C.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016