Arizona Revised Statutes § 5-311 Powers And Duties Of The Commission

5-311. Powers and duties of the commission

A. The commission may:

1. Make rules and regulations required to carry out in the most effective manner all the provisions of this chapter.

2. Modify the equipment requirements in conformity with the provisions of the federal navigation laws or with the navigation regulations promulgated by the United States coast guard.

3. Prescribe additional equipment requirements not in conflict with federal navigation laws or regulations.

4. Provide for a uniform waterway marking system and establish, operate and maintain aids to navigation and regulatory markers on the waters of this state.

5. Make regulations for the registration and operation of watercraft.

6. Prescribe regulations for the issuance of permits for motor boat races, regattas or other watercraft events.

7. Administer the law enforcement and boating safety program on the state level, and accept federal grants for the purpose of boating safety and related enforcement.

B. Regulations established under this section shall not be in conflict with those prescribed by the United States coast guard.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016