Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-846.01 Filing Of Escrow Rates

6-846.01. Filing of escrow rates

A. Every escrow agent who is required to make escrow rates under section 6-846 shall file with the superintendent his schedules of fees, every manual of classifications, the rules and plans pertaining to the manual and every modification of any of the foregoing. The filing shall state the proposed effective date and shall indicate the character and extent of the contemplated service.

B. The superintendent shall review the filings as necessary to carry out the provisions of this article.

C. Subject to subsection E of this section, each filing does not become effective until fifteen days after the date of filing. On written notice to the escrow agent making the filing, the superintendent may extend the waiting period for up to an additional fifteen days. The waiting period may be extended further with the consent of the escrow agent making the filing. On written application by the escrow agent making the filing, the superintendent may authorize part or all of a filing to become effective before the expiration of the waiting period or any extension.

D. Except in the case of rates filed under subsection E of this section, a filing that has become effective is deemed to meet the requirements of this article.

E. If the superintendent finds that a rate for a particular kind or class of escrow service cannot practicably be filed before it is used or a kind of escrow service, by reason of rarity or peculiar circumstances, does not lend itself to advance determination and filing of rates, the superintendent pursuant to rules adopted by the superintendent may permit the rate to be used without a previous filing and waiting period.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016