Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-846 Making Of Escrow Rates

6-846. Making of escrow rates

A. Every escrow agent who is also a title insurer or title insurance agent licensed under title 20 shall make escrow rates that are not excessive or inadequate for the safety and soundness of the escrow agent, that do not unfairly discriminate between risks in this state which involve essentially the same exposure to loss and expense elements and that give due consideration to the following:

1. The desirability for stability of rate structures.

2. The necessity, by encouraging growth in assets of escrow agents in periods of high business activity, of assuring the financial solvency of escrow agents in periods of economic depression.

3. The necessity for paying dividends on the capital stock of escrow agents sufficient to induce capital to be invested in the capital stock.

B. Every escrow agent who is required to make escrow rates under subsection A shall adopt basic classifications of escrow services that will be used as the basis for its escrow rates.

C. Rates for escrow services and title insurance policies that are issued in connection with escrow services shall not be combined.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016