Ex parte BRIAN S. PETRUCCI - Page 2

          Appeal No. 95-3109                                                          
          Application 08/043,113                                                      

               Appellant’s invention pertains to a grille assembly in                 
          combination with a vehicle body and a loudspeaker (claims 1-7), a           
          grille assembly for mounting a loudspeaker to a vehicle body                
          (claims 11-17), and a method of mounting a loudspeaker in a                 
          vehicle body (claims 18-20).  Independent claim 1 is illustrative           
          of the appealed subject matter and reads as follows:                        
               1.  In combination with a vehicle body defining in part a              
          passenger compartment and supporting a loudspeaker, a grille                
          assembly for directing sound from the loudspeaker into the                  
          passenger compartment, the grille assembly comprising:                      
               a support member on the vehicle body overlying the                     
          loudspeaker and having an opening therein aligned with the                  
          loudspeaker so that sound from the loudspeaker is directed                  
          through the opening;                                                        
               a discrete acoustically transparent grille extending across            
          the opening in the support member; and                                      
               a trim cloth covering the grille to conceal its finish and             
          at least a portion of the support member so that the grille                 
          cannot be seen from within the passenger compartment;                       
               wherein sound from the loudspeaker passes through the                  
          opening in the support member and the grille as it is directed to           
          the passenger compartment.                                                  
               The examiner relies upon the following references as                   
          evidence of obviousness in support of the rejections:                       
          Yanagishima et al.       4,514,599                Apr. 30, 1985             
          Skrzycki                 4,853,966                Aug.  1, 1989             
          Smith                    4,974,698                Dec.  4, 1990             


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