Ex parte BRIAN S. PETRUCCI - Page 6

          Appeal No. 95-3109                                                          
          Application 08/043,113                                                      

          such as carpet or the like  (column 9, lines 11-17).                        
          Nevertheless, we cannot support the examiner’s conclusion of                
          obviousness based on these teachings.                                       
               At column 7, lines 61-66, Yanagishima states that                      
               Figs. 14 to 30 show variations of speaker arrangements                 
               provided in a rear panel shelf of the automotive                       
               vehicle.  As shown in Fig. 14, the rear parcel shelf                   
               100 comprises a core 101 such as hardboard, a plastic                  
               plate, a metal sheet or the like, and a lining 102,                    
               such as carpet and the like.” [emphasis added]                         
          A review of Figure 14 further reveals that the lining in question           
          (element 102) is the outermost surface of the rear panel, i.e.,             
          the surface exposed to the passenger compartment.  At column 8,             
          lines 55-56, Yanagishima states with respect to the Figures 17-18           
          embodiment that “[t]he rear parcel shelf 100 is formed with                 
          through openings 120.”  Based on these disclosures, and the above           
          noted disclosure at column 9, lines 11-17 of Yanagishima to the             
          effect that carpet may be utilized to provide a decorative                  
          lining, it is our finding that (1) shelf 100 of Yanagishima’s               
          Figure 17-18 embodiment is a rear panel shelf of the type                   
          described at column 7, lines 61-66 and that, as such, it includes           
          a lining 102 on the surface thereof that is exposed to the                  
          passenger compartment, and that (2) said lining does not cover              
          the grilles 121-122.  This finding is consistent with both                  


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Last modified: November 3, 2007