Ex parte ETAO HUANG - Page 11

          Appeal No. 96-4017                                                          
          Application 08/217,544                                                      

                                   APPENDED CLAIM                                     
                    1.  An antitheft device for attachment to a vehicle               
          steering wheel comprising;                                                  
                    an elongated body member having an inner end portion              
          and an outer end portion extending along a common control axis,             
          and provided with: a passageway in the inner [end] portion; a               
          lock housing fixed upright on the inner end portion and having              
          an interior chamber communicating with said passageway; a first             
          generally “U”-shaped hook having opposite leg portions, the leg             
          portions having ends forming an opening therebetween for hooking            
          a portion of a steering wheel whereby the inner end portion is              
          attached to one leg portion and the outer end portion is attached           
          to the opposite leg portion such that the opening extends                   
          obliquely to the elongated body member;                                     
                    a lock fixed in said lock housing and having a round              
          solid pusher to extend out of an upper end of the lock, a key               
          hole formed in said pusher to rotate it 90 degrees for locking              
          and unlocking, and a rod-shaped dead bolt extending down from a             
          bottom end of the lock connected to and moving with the pusher;             
                    an elongate rod member provided to telescope in said              
          passageway having: a second U-shaped hook on an outer end for               
          hooking a portion of a steering wheel; and a plurality of annular           
          grooves formed in a substantial portion of the rod member, each             
          of said annular grooves having opposite vertical side surfaces              
          spaced apart from one another to enable said dead bolt to engage            
          therein to hold said rod member immovable when said pusher of the           
          lock is pressed down;                                                       
                    said body member being on the same surface of a                   
          steering wheel, not bending upward when the anti-theft device is            
          attached to the steering wheel, preventing a rider from colliding           
          with the elongated body member when entering the vehicle; [sic]             

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