Ex parte MORADI-ARAGHI - Page 6

          Appeal No. 94-3134                                                          
          Application 07/848,884                                                      

                    these results indicate that the Moradi-                           
                    Araghi disclosure is a compelling                                 
                    suggestion that an aldehyde-generating                            
                    compound must react with a furan derivative                       
                    to produce an aldehyde which can in turn be                       
                    used with phenol, as in Mumallah et al, to                        
                    produce a useful gelling composi-tion.                            
                    Appellant therefore respectfully submits                          
                    that a useful gelling composition can be                          
                    produced by using hexamethylenetetramine,                         
                    an aldehyde-generating compound, with                             
                    phenol or an aminobenzoic acid is an                              
                    unexpected or surprising result.                                  

               Contrary to the appellant’s position, the record before                
          us does not evince that the invention defined by the claims                 
          under consideration exhibits unexpected results.  The fact                  
          that the aldehyde-generator hexamethylenetetramine effects a                
          gelling result (at least when used in combination with a furan              
          derivative) is expressly taught by Moradi-Araghi and thus                   
          would have been expected rather unexpected at the time the                  
          here claimed invention was made.  Moreover, Examples IV-V of                
          the subject specification do not support the appellant’s                    
          unexpected-results position because the formaldehyde                        
          precursors tested therein in fact produced a gel-formation                  
          response at least under certain conditions.  In particular,                 
          Table IV of Example IV shows that the formaldehyde-precursor                


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Last modified: November 3, 2007