Ex parte HYATT et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 95-0143                                                          
          Application 07/865,849                                                      

               means for enabling said key means to open said lock upon               
          determination by said means for comparing that said encrypted               
          seed numbers match.                                                         
               10.  A lock mechanism, comprising:                                     
               a bolt movable between a locked and an unlocked position;              
               a lock cylinder having a bolt cam in contact with said bolt            
          to prevent said bolt from moving when in a locked position, and             
          operable upon actuation to move said bolt to said unlocked                  
               retractable blocking means in contact with said bolt for               
          preventing said bolt from moving to said unlocked position when             
          unretracted by blocking motion of said bolt to said unlocked                
          position and allowing said bolt to be moved to said unlocked                
          position when retracted;                                                    
               an electrically powered solenoid operable to retract said              
          blocking means upon switching of power thereto; and                         
               means for selectively powering said solenoid, comprising a             
          portable key means for operating said lock cylinder and including           
          a power supply.                                                             
               17.  An electronic security system, comprising:                        
               a lock, including                                                      
               an access memory for storing access data<                              
               a data communication terminal coupled to a communication               
               microprocessor means for receiving data from said data                 
          communication terminal transmitted over said communication                  
          channel including access data,l and for storing received access             
          data in said access memory,                                                 
               means for receiving access data from an electronic key,                


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Last modified: November 3, 2007