Ex parte HYATT et al. - Page 15

          Appeal No. 95-0143                                                          
          Application 07/865,849                                                      

               Claim 10 also stands rejected under 35 U.S.C.  103 as being           
          unpatentable over Clark and Todd.  Appellants argue that there is           
          no suggestion or motivation present in the prior art to modify              
          the Todd key so that the key provides power to the lock                     
          arrangement as taught by Clark.                                             
               Appellants argue on page 17 of the brief that the Todd                 
          arrangement already includes a power supply for the lock so there           
          would be no reason to modify Todd.  We disagree.                            
               Clark teaches in column 2, line 33, that the key includes a            
          power supply 20.  Clark teaches in column 2, lines 61-62, that              
          the electrical power is provided from the key to the lock via               
          line 40 shown in Figure 1.  Clark teaches in column 3, lines 9-             
          15, that the key powers the lock when it is not convenient to               
          provide a power supply for the lock.  Clark teaches in column 2,            
          lines 22-32, that one such application is a lock system for                 
          parking meters where it would be difficult to provide a power               
          supply to each meter.                                                       
               Todd teaches on page 1 that their invention provides a                 
          small, economical and easily installed conversion kit for                   
          conventional types of mechanical device locks which greatly                 
          increases the security of the conventional lock at a fraction of            
          the cost.  Todd further teaches that the applications for the               


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