Ex parte KRONE-SCHMIDT - Page 4

          Appeal No. 95-0339                                                          
          Application 07/881,941                                                      

               Jackson discloses a process for cleaning, sterilizing and              
          preserving materials wherein the materials are exposed to a dense           
          fluid which is “a gas or a mixture of gases compressed to a                 
          supercritical, liquified, or multi-phased states to achieve                 
          liquid-like densities” (col. 2, line 65 - col. 3, line 7; col. 4,           
          lines 1-19).  Jackson teaches that in-line, real-time chemical              
          analysis instrumentation techniques such as supercritical fluid             
          gas chromatography may be used to examine dense fluid extracts              
          from the cleaning chamber as an indicator of the cleanliness of             
          the material being cleaned (col. 11, line 68 - col. 12, line 4;             
          col. 16, lines 11-16).                                                      
               Burgess discloses, in one embodiment, an integrated                    
          spectrometer for the continuous chemical analysis of liquid,                
          gas, solid or mixed phases in a reaction volume (col. 4, lines              
          2-8; col. 5, lines 1-3).  The spectrometer includes a waveguide             
          into which multi-wavelength electromagnetic radiation is                    
          introduced through an entrance grating (col. 4, lines 17-20).               
          The electromagnetic radiation propagates through the waveguide,             
          which has one surface in contact with the reaction volume, and              
          exits through an outlet grating to an electromagnetic radiation             
          sensing device (col. 4, lines 20-34).  Each time a propagated               
          beam of electromagnetic radiation bounces off the surface of the            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007