Ex parte KRONE-SCHMIDT - Page 5

          Appeal No. 95-0339                                                          
          Application 07/881,941                                                      

          waveguide in contact with the reaction volume, some of the power            
          of the radiation is coupled into the reaction volume and absorbed           
          by the analyte or analytes in the reaction volume (col. 4, lines            
          31-37).  The absorption is based on the absorption character-               
          istics of the analyte or analytes at each wavelength of                     
          electromagnetic radiation (col. 4, lines 37-39).  According                 
          to the principle of attenuated total internal reflectance, the              
          interactions of the propagated light are integrated along the               
          length of the waveguide to produce an absorption spectra of the             
          analyte or analytes in the reaction volume that is similar to a             
          standard transmission spectrum (col. 4, lines 39-44).  The                  
          intensity loss of a particular wavelength or mode of light is               
          directly correlated to the concentration of analyte or analytes             
          in the reaction volume (col. 9, lines 21-24).                               
               Pujado discloses a process for removing trace quantities               
          of hydrocarbonaceous compounds from an aqueous stream by                    
          contacting the stream with a supercritical solvent which                    
          dissolves hydrocarbonaceous compounds from the stream, separating           
          the hydrocarbonaceous compounds from the solvent at subcritical             
          conditions, and recovering the hydrocarbonaceous compounds (col.            
          2, lines 17-30).                                                            


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