Ex parte NAOHISA KOMETANI et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 95-0938                                                          
          Application 07/796,310                                                      

          corresponding fuzzy set.  The specification at 2 reads as                   

                         According to the prior-art technique                         
                    mentioned above, the fuzzy rules and the                          
                    membership functions are statically and                           
                    correspondingly defined within one pack of                        
                    source knowledge in tools which build the                         
                    fuzzy reasoning system.  This poses the                           
                    problem that when a situation in making the                       
                    reasoning has changed, the produced system                        
                    fails to conform to the new situation, or                         
                    that the system cannot conform to a plurality                     
                    of situations.  In such a case, it is                             
                    necessary to reproduce the system or to                           
                    produce a plurality of systems.  It is                            
                    accordingly very difficult to cope with                           
                    various situations.                                               

          It is this fixed and inflexible association which the appellants            
          seek to avoid.  The specification at 3 states:                              

                         In the first aspect of the present invention,                
                    a plurality of fuzzy sets conforming to the sorts                 
                    of situation are prepared in correspondence with                  
                    one fuzzy rule group beforehand, whereby the fuzzy                
                    set to be used can be dynamically altered at the                  
                    time of execution of reasoning.                                   

               Sakai does not anticipate the appellants’ claimed invention            
          because each fuzzy rule group has a fixedly corresponding fuzzy             
          set which is not changed.  While Sakai discloses an embodiment              
          which applies multiple levels of fuzzy reasoning by use of up to            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007