Ex parte CRONIN et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 95-2718                                                          
          Application 07/914,852                                                      

               We now turn to the  103 rejection of claims 1-4, 6-11,                
          13-18, 21, 23-27, 29 and 30 over Moser.  Like appellants,                   
          Moser discloses a method of forming a metal oxide film on the               
          surface of a conductive tin oxide film by coating the tin                   
          oxide film with a solution comprising a metallic oxide                      
          precursor, removing the solvent, and converting the precursor               
          to a metal oxide film.  Appellants contend that “Moser et al.               
          do not disclose or even suggest the use of tin oxide on glass”              
          (page 4 of Reply Brief).  However, this argument is not                     
          germane to the claimed subject matter inasmuch as claim 1 does              
          not call for a tin oxide film on glass, but rather, on a                    
          substrate.  Furthermore, at column 4, lines 1 et seq., Moser                
          discloses that a substrate, such as glass, is rendered                      
          conductive by a surface coating by applying a conductive                    
          coating prior to the solution of metal oxide precursor.                     
          Although Moser teaches that indium tin oxide coatings are most              
          preferred, we find that Moser would have suggested to one of                
          ordinary skill in the art that a conductive tin oxide film can              
          also be used.  We note that page 1 of appellants’                           
          specification acknowledges that it was known in the art that                
          “[t]he most widely used transparent conductors are indium                   


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Last modified: November 3, 2007