Ex parte WONG - Page 2

          Appeal No. 95-3611                                                          
          Application 07/904,419                                                      

          wafer to the combined vapor.  This appealed subject matter is               
          adequately illustrated by independent claim 1 which reads as                

                    1.  A method for vapor phase wafer cleaning, comprising           
          the steps of:                                                               
                         combining hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and           
          water vapor; and                                                            
                         exposing the wafer to said combined vapor.                   

               The references relied upon by the examiner in the rejections           
          before us are:                                                              

          Tanaka              5,078,832           Jan. 7, 1992                        
          Deal, ?Vapor-Phase Wafer Cleaning, Oxide Etching, and Thin Film             
          Growth?, Paper presented at First International Symposium on                
          Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing at the            
          Fall Meeting of The Electrochemical Society in Hollywood,                   
          Florida, pages 1-8, October 15-20, 1989.                                    

               Claim 1 stands rejected under 35 USC  102(b) as being                 
          anticipated by Deal.                                                        
               Claims 2 through 15 stand rejected under 35 USC  103 as               
          being unpatentable over Deal in view of Tanaka.                             
               We will not sustain either of these rejections.                        
               Both of the rejections before us are pivotally founded upon            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007