Ex parte NILSSEN - Page 2

          Appeal No. 95-3616                                         Page 2           
          Application 07/839,065                                                      
          & 4.)  Claims 45 and 61 have been allowed.  The examiner objects            
          to the form of claim 65.  No other claims are pending.                      
               2.   Appellant filed the subject application on 19 February            
          1992.  He claims the benefit under 35 U.S.C.  120 of United                
          States patent application 07/158,104 ('104 application) filed               
          16 February 1988, now abandoned; U.S. patent application                    
          06/541,489 ('489 application), filed 13 October 1983, now                   
          abandoned; and U.S. patent application 06/342,107, filed                    
          25 January 1982, now abandoned.                                             
          B.   The subject matter of the invention                                    
               3.   The application is entitled "Electronic ballast for               
          fluorescent lamps".  (Paper 1 at 1.)  The ballast has a                     
          transistor inverter connected in parallel to a rectifier and                
          center-tapped, series-connected filter capacitors.  The lamp                
          circuit connects the capacitors to the inverter via an inductor.            
          A fluorescent lamp is connected in parallel with a capacitor,               
          which is connected in parallel with a resistor.  (Paper 1 at 2;             
          Fig. 1.)  Claim 66, reproduced below, is representative of the              
          claims on appeal.                                                           
                    66.  An arrangement comprising:                                   
                         a DC source operative to provide a DC voltage                
               at a set of DC terminals;                                              
                         a ballast circuit connected with the DC                      
               terminals; the ballast circuit having a pair of ballast                
               terminals which, when connected to a proper load                       
               circuit, will supply a load current to this load                       
               circuit; the ballast circuit being further                             

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