Ex parte NOBUAKI MATSUDA et al. - Page 6

             Appeal No. 95-3623                                                                                   
             Application 07/714,407                                                                               

             a developing solution containing a combination of an acetylenic                                      
             alcohol surface active agent and a quaternary ammonium salt                                          
             surface active agent.                                                                                
                    Regarding the amount of the surface active agent,                                             
             appellants’ specification states (page 10):                                                          
                    The surface active agent may be used preferably in an                                         
                    amount of from 0.01 to 5% by weight, more preferably                                          
                    from 0.03 to 3% by weight, most preferably from 0.05 to                                       
                    2% by weight.  An amount of the agent smaller than                                            
                    0.01% by weight would result in insufficient                                                  
                    wettability or defoamability and an amount larger than                                        
                    5% by weight would spoil smoothness of pattern shapes.                                        
                    The teaching that wettability or defoamability would be                                       
             insufficient if the amount of surface active agent is below                                          
             0.01 wt% would not make sense if the surface active agent                                            
             referred to is one component of a surface active agent                                               
             combination and one or more other surface active agent components                                    
             are present which could provide sufficient wettability and                                           
             foamability.  Thus, the specification reasonably conveys that the                                    
             0.01 wt% lower limit of the amount of surface active agent and,                                      
             accordingly, the preferred range, are those of the total surface                                     
             active agent.  For this reason and because, as discussed above,                                      
             appellants’ specification reasonably conveys that appellants had                                     
             possession as of their filing date of the presently-recited                                          
             combination of an acetylenic alcohol surface active agent and a                                      


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Last modified: November 3, 2007