Ex parte SHINBASHI et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 95-3710                                                          
          Application 07/621,005                                                      

          through 17 have been canceled.  An amendment under 37 C.F.R.                
           1.116 amending claim 6 and canceling claim 18 was filed on                
          February 18, 1994.  We note that the Examiner has entered this              
          amendment into the record.  Therefore, claims 6 through 8 and 19            
          through 23 are rejected and are on appeal.                                  
               The invention relates to a control system for switching                
          between working units and stand-by units.  On page 5 of the                 
          specification, Appellants disclose that Figure 4A is a block                
          diagram showing the switching system of the present invention.              
          In particular, Appellants disclose that the switching system                
          accommodates m number of working units 1-1 through 1-m.  Figure             
          4A shows that the switching system includes an individual stand-            
          by portion where each of the working units 1-1 through 1-n may be           
          individually switched to a separate stand-by unit 4b.  Figure 4A            
          also shows that the switching system includes a common stand-by             
          portion where the working units 1-n+1 through 1-m may be switched           
          to a single common stand-by unit 3A using switch units 5.                   
               Independent claim 6 is reproduced as follows:                          
               6.  A switching system for data operation units, able                  
               to switch input and output lines from working units toindividual           
          stand-by units and a common stand-by unit,   comprising:                    
                    an electrical wiring arrangement for providing                    
                    connections from the input and output lines to a                  
                    plurality of first locations, each provided for one of            
                    the working units, and a plurality of second                      
                    locations, each provided for one of an individual                 

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