Ex parte SHINBASHI et al. - Page 3

                Appeal No. 95-3710                                                                                                            
                Application 07/621,005                                                                                                        

                                 stand-by unit and a switching unit, said electrical                                                          
                                 wiring arrangement providing electrical connections in                                                       
                                 to pairs of the first and second locations and between                                                       
                                 all the  second locations and a third location                                                               
                                 provided for the common stand-by unit, the switching                                                         
                                 unit, when mounted at one of the second locations,                                                           
                                 providing switchable connection between the input and                                                        
                                 output lines for a corresponding working unit and the                                                        
                                 common stand-by unit in response to a signal.                                                                
                         The Examiner does not rely on any references.                                                                        
                         Claims 6 through 8 stand rejected under 35 U.S.C.  112,                                                             
                second paragraph, as being indefinite for failing to particularly                                                             
                point out and distinctly claim the subject matter which Appel-                                                                
                lants regard as the invention.  Claims 6 through 8 and 19 through                                                             
                23 stand rejected under 35 U.S.C.  103 as being unpatentable                                                                 
                over Appellants' prior art Figures 2 and 3.                                                                                   
                         Rather than repeat the arguments of Appellants or the                                                                
                Examiner, we make reference to the briefs  and the answers  for      2                         3                             

                         2Appellants filed an appeal brief on May 2, 1994.  We will                                                           
                refer to this appeal brief as simply the brief.  Appellants filed                                                             
                a reply appeal brief on September 28, 1994.  We will refer to                                                                 
                this reply appeal brief as the reply brief.  The Examiner                                                                     
                responded to the reply brief in the supplemental Examiner’s                                                                   
                answer, mailed November 28, 1994, thereby entering the reply                                                                  
                brief into the record.                                                                                                        
                         3The Examiner responded to the brief with an Examiner's                                                              
                answer, mailed July 26, 1994.  We will refer to the Examiner's                                                                
                answer as simply the answer.  The Examiner responded to the reply                                                             
                brief with supplemental Examiner's answer mailed November 28,                                                                 
                1994.  On March 11, 1995, the application was remanded to the                                                                 
                Examiner.  In response to the remand, the Examiner provided a                                                                 
                second supplemental Examiner's answer, mailed March 18, 1996.                                                                 

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