Ex parte TAYLOR et al. - Page 8

          Appeal No. 95-4722                                                          
          Application 07/946,226                                                      

          Wah Lo does absolutely no processing of the captured                        
          images.  In addition, Wah Lo also suggests that an increased                
          number of captured images would be undesirable [column 2,                   
          lines 19-48].  An interpolated view in Wah Lo would be                      
          equivalent to having placed a lens at that same perspective                 
          axis on the camera.  In other words, interpolated views would               
          be the same as capturing additional original views in the                   
          first place.  But Wah Lo specifically teaches against                       
          providing any more than three images because the eye will then              
          focus on non-adjacent images which is not desirable.                        
          Therefore, interpolated views between the three captured views              
          in Wah Lo would present the very problems which Wah Lo is                   
          trying to eliminate.  The artisan would have absolutely no                  
          motivation to attempt to change the apparent viewing positions              
          of the captured views in Wah Lo.                                            
          We also agree with appellants that the mere mention of                      
          interpolation in Travis would not justify using interpolation               
          in Wah Lo.  The examiner’s position is tantamount to holding                
          that since interpolation was known in the art, it would have                
          been obvious to use it.  The examiner’s position also assumes               
          that interpolation would always be a desirable thing to do.                 

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Last modified: November 3, 2007