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            Appeal No. 95-4788                                                                                                     
            Application 07/996,393                                                                                                 

                    This is a decision on appeal under 35 U.S.C.  134 from the final rejection of claims 3-5,                     
            all of the claims pending in the application.  Claim 1 and 2 have been cancelled.                                      
                    The invention is directed to a solid state imaging device as may be understood from claim                      
            3 reproduced below.                                                                                                    
                           3.  A solid state imaging device comprising:  an array of photosensitive elements                       
                    for storing signal charges, a plurality of vertical shift registers for storing the signal charges             
                    transferred from the photosensitive elements, charge storage sections for storing one field                    
                    of signal charges transferred from the respective vertical shift registers, a horizontal shift                 
                    register for storing one line of signal charges transferred thereto successively at time                       
                    intervals from the charge storage sections, a timing generator for producing clock pulses                      
                    for driving the vertical shift registers to transfer the signal charges from the vertical shift                
                    registers to the charge storage sections and to sweep residual charges from the vertical                       
                    shift registers, a driver for amplifying the clock pulses fed thereto from the timing                          
                    generator, the driver having a variable amplification factor, control means for controlling                    
                    the amplification factor of the driver so as to provide a smaller amplitude for the clock                      
                    pulses used to sweep the residual charges than for the clock pulses used to transfer the                       
                    signal charges, wherein the driver has a smaller amplification factor when it receives a                       
                    smaller reference voltage, and wherein the control means includes means for producing a                        
                    first reference voltage and a second reference voltage which is less than the first reference                  
                    voltage, switching means for selectively coupling one of the first and second reference                        
                    voltages to the driver, and wherein the switching means includes means for coupling the                        
                    first reference voltage to the driver when the signal charges are to be transferred from the                   
                    vertical shift registers to the respective charge storage sections and for coupling the second                 
                    reference voltage to the driver when the residual charges are to be swept from the vertical                    
                    shift registers.                                                                                               

                    The examiner relies on the admitted prior art and the following reference:                                     
                    Howard et al. (Howard)      4,845,482       July 4, 1989                                                       

                    The admitted prior art is described in the specification at page 3, line 13 to page 6, line 14                 
            with respect to figures 3-5.  In the prior art of figures 4 and 5, "[t]he power circuit 26 provides                    
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