Ex parte KOBAYASHI et al. - Page 12

          Appeal No. 96-0005                                                          
          Application 07/722,599                                                      

          the provision of a winch as taught by Babb on the larger                    
          unpowered watercraft of Metcalf would allow the berthing of                 
          smaller powered watercraft 102 in a more controlled and slow                
          manner than would be possible utilizing the propulsion unit of              
          the smaller watercraft, thus minimizing the risk of damage to               
          either the smaller or larger watercraft of Metcalf.  Therefore,             
          we are of the opinion that one of ordinary skill in this art                
          would have found it obvious to provide the larger watercraft of             
          Metcalf with a winch such as that disclosed by Babb at 22 in                
          order to achieve this self-evident advantage.                               
               With respect to claim 20 the appellant argues that:                    
               [t]he Examiner contends that Yammer [sic, Yanmar], the                 
               Japanese publication, shows curved sides.  This is                     
               true, but in Yammer [sic, Yanmar] the sides are                        
               flexible and the small hull is paced the larger hull by                
               deforming the floating hull rather than by merely                      
               guiding the boat into it. [Brief, page 9.]                             
          We find nothing in the Japanese publication which states that the           
          larger hull is deformed as the appellants contend.  In any event,           
          even if this is the case, it takes nothing away from the fact               
          that the Japanese publication teaches the provision of curved               
          sides and we share the examiner’s view that it would have been              
          obvious to make the wall of the berthing area of Metcalf curved             
          in view of this teaching by the Japanese publication.                       


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Last modified: November 3, 2007