Ex parte SAYAH et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 96-0067                                                          
          Application 08/075,241                                                      

          containing parameters for controlling the processing of the data            
          contained in the first data structure."                                     
               But it is the workstation state list which describes the               
          necessary processing environment for processing the graphical               
          data contained in Liang's structure storage unit (column 3, lines           
          61-63; column 4, lines 41-43).  In light of all the claim                   
          features directed to the relationship between the first and the             
          second data structure, it is plainly inappropriate to read both             
          data structures on the same part.  However, this mistake on the             
          part of the examiner has not been pointed out by the appellants,            
          and it is manifestly apparent that Liang does disclose a first              
          data structure and a second data structure, separate from each              
          other.  In that regard, note that Liang's claim 1 explicitly                
          recites a first data structure and a second data structure.                 
          Accordingly, we will assume that the examiner has properly                  
          identified Liang's first data structure as the hierarchical                 
          graphical data in the structure storage element, and the second             
          data structure as including the workstation state list and the              
          view traversal control block as is recited in Liang's claim 1.              
               Claim 1 requires that the second data structure contains at            
          respective nodes thereof a representation and also specifications           
          of each hierarchical partition of the data attributes stored in             


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Last modified: November 3, 2007