Ex parte SAYAH et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 96-0067                                                          
          Application 08/075,241                                                      

          the first data structure.  The examiner has not accounted for               
          this claim feature and the appellants have not conceded this                
          issue.  In the appeal brief at page 5, the appellants argued that           
          there is no teaching or suggestion in Liang that a hierarchy was            
          involved with the organization of the workstation state list.  We           
          also can find no such hierarchy with respect to the view                    
          traversal control block.  In column 4, lines 56-57, Liang simply            
          states that the "[view] traversal control block contains a list             
          of view masks."  The failure to account for this feature                    
          constitutes reversible error.                                               
               The examiner acknowledged (answer at 3) that Liang does not            
          disclose "said first data structure being mapped to a node of               
          said second data structure."  However, the examiner simply                  
          concluded (answer at 3) that it would have been obvious to one              
          with ordinary skill in the art to map the first data structure to           
          the second data structure "because this allowed for manipulations           
          of the descriptions stored in the first data structure."  We                
          reject the examiner's view, since a data structure can be                   
          directly manipulated without the nodes thereof being mapped to              
          another data structure.  The examiner also has pointed to no                
          evidence that mapping between the nodes of data structures was a            
          commonly recognized way to achieve data manipulation.                       


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Last modified: November 3, 2007