Ex parte BRIAN E. FITZGERALD et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-0814                                                          
          Application 08/066,331                                                      

          number of angular positions relative to a work table.  Claim 1,             
          the sole independent claim on appeal, is illustrative of the                
          appealed subject matter and reads as follows:                               
               1.  A method of using a numerically-controlled machine tool            
          to move a rotary fixture from a first angular position to a                 
          second angular position, said machine tool having a spindle,                
          comprising the steps of:                                                    
               providing a rotary fixture;                                            
               providing a body;                                                      
               mounting said fixture on said body for rotational movement             
          about an axis;                                                              
               providing a frictional locking mechanism between said body             
          and fixture;                                                                
               providing a member;                                                    
               mounting said member in said spindle;                                  
               moving said spindle so as to cause said member to directly             
          and positively engage said fixture at a location eccentric to               
          said axis in order to hold said fixture at said first angular               
               releasing said frictional locking mechanism;                           
               operating said machine tool to selectively move said member            
          relative to said axis while said member is engaged with said                
          fixture to move said fixture from said first position to said               
          second position and to hold said fixture at said second position;           
               re-engaging said frictional locking mechanism; and                     
               withdrawing said member from engagement with said fixture[;]           
               thereby to rotate said fixture about said axis from said               
          first angular position to said second angular position.                     


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Last modified: November 3, 2007