Ex parte BRIAN E. FITZGERALD et al. - Page 7

                Appeal No. 96-0814                                                                                                            
                Application 08/066,331                                                                                                        

                         We reach an opposite conclusion with respect to dependent                                                            
                claim 10, which requires that the fixture “is unlocked as a                                                                   
                function of fluid pressure.”  The only reference in the                                                                       
                disclosure to this aspect of the invention is found in the first                                                              
                full paragraph on page 5 of the specification, which reads as                                                                 
                                 Fig. 1 depicts an alternative form of the crank                                                              
                         arm, generally indicated at 29', which is provided with                                                              
                         a slot bounded by facing parallel side wall surfaces                                                                 
                         30', 30'.  Thus, pin 23 is adapted to be selectively                                                                 
                         received in this slot.  Linear motion of pin 23 will                                                                 
                         produce corresponding rotational movement of fixture 26                                                              
                         about axis x-x.  In other forms, the fluid pressure of                                                               
                         a coolant flow discharge may be used to selectively                                                                  
                         engage and discharge the clamping mechanism. [emphasis                                                               
                         We are at a loss as to how the fixture 26 “is to be unlocked                                                         
                as a function of fluid pressure,” as called for in claim 10,                                                                  
                especially when claim 10 is read in light of the specification,                                                               
                which indicates that the fluid pressure in question is “a coolant                                                             
                flow discharge,” and in light of the fact that appellants’                                                                    
                disclosure provides no further explanation or illustration                                                                    
                whatsoever of precisely how fluid pressure is to be used to                                                                   
                effect unlocking of the clamping device.   The statement on page   2                                                          

                         2This is in contrast to the mechanically released locking                                                            
                mechanism embodiment discussed supra, wherein portions of the                                                                 
                release mechanism, i.e., the dogleg-shaped lever 31, are                                                                      

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Last modified: November 3, 2007