Ex parte BRUCE R. BOWMAN et al. - Page 9

          Appeal No. 96-0935                                                          
          Application 08/157,737                                                      

               Claim 11, having been grouped by the appellants with claim             
          10, falls therewith.                                                        
               Claim 13 adds to claims 10 and 11 the requirement that the             
          method also include determining if a component failure exists.              
          As we stated above, such is taught by the primary reference,                
          Bowman, and therefore a prima facie case of obviousness has been            
          established with regard to the subject matter of claim 13, and              
          the rejection of claims 13/10 and 13/11 is sustained.  Claim 14             
          has been grouped with claim 13, and the rejection of claims                 
          14/13/10 and 14/13/11 also is sustained.                                    
               We have, of course, carefully considered all of the                    
          appellants' arguments.  However, they have not convinced us that            
          the decision of the examiner was in error.  Our position with               
          regard to the various arguments should be apparent from the                 
          foregoing recitation.  We additionally note that, for the most              
          part, the appellants have attacked the showings in individual               
          references, however, the rejection is based upon a combination of           
          references.  See In re Young, 403 F.2d 754, 757, 159 USPQ 725,              
          728 (CCPA 1968).  Finally, it is our conclusion that the teaching           
          in Bowman of sensing the proper operating levels of switches is             
          tantamount to determining component failure, for if the levels              
          are incorrect, the component has failed.                                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007