Ex parte MIMEUR et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 96-0987                                                          
          Application No. 08/226,467                                                  

          consistent with appellants' originally filed disclosure in the              
          paragraph spanning pages 5 and 6 thereof.                                   
                    With this as background, we first address the                     
          examiner's rejection of claims 8 and 12 under 35 U.S.C.  103 as            
          being unpatentable over Desbiolles in view of Fenton and Molitor.           
          In view of the fact that the patent to Fenton discloses an iron-            
          type golf club head comprising a hollow metal body incorporating            
          an internal cavity 17 and including an impact wall 21 (Figure 3)            
          as claimed, with the impact wall having an internal surface                 
          coated with a thin layer 23 of a viscoelastic resin having                  
          damping properties (note column 2, lines 30-39) and which layer             
          only partially fills the internal cavity, the only issue to be              
          resolved is whether or not the disclosed viscoelastic resin is              
          capable of being molded by a reaction injection molding (RIM)               
          process or that it would have been obvious to form the                      
          viscoelastic resin of a suitable resin usable in a RIM process.             
                    It is known that reaction injection molding normally is           
          "utilized for the production of partially foamed polyurethane               
          moldings by rapid injection of metered liquid streams of polyol             
          and isocyanate into a mold,"  which is consistent with2                                               

          KIRK-OTHMER Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, Third2                                                                      
          Edition, Volume 18, 1982, page 203.                                         

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