Ex parte GUTTAG et al. - Page 10

          Appeal No. 96-1741                                                          
          Application 08/160,111                                                      

          any specific manner.  Claim 1 only recites that the ALU                     
          receive a control function input and that the ALU perform the               
          operations AB and AC.  The ALUs of Chu and Vassiliadis                    
          clearly receive an input function control signal, and                       
          Vassiliadis clearly performs the noted operations as pointed                
          out by the examiner.  Appellants are attempting to import                   
          their disclosed preferred embodiment into the claim which is                
          not appropriate.  Claims are given their broadest reasonable                
          interpretation during prosecution before the Patent and                     
          Trademark Office.                                                           
          Since we have determined that the examiner has                              
          presented a prima facie case for the obviousness of claim 1,                
          and since appellants have not presented a compelling reason to              
          find error in the examiner’s case, we sustain the rejection of              
          claim 1 and of claims 9-11, 37, 40, 48-50, 76 and 91-93 which               
          are grouped therewith.                                                      
          We now consider the rejection of claims 7 and 46 which                      
          are grouped together.  Claim 7 depends from claim 1 and                     
          recites that a plurality of data registers receives an input                
          from the output of the ALU and an input from the output of the              
          barrel rotator.  The examiner has provided a reasonable                     

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Last modified: November 3, 2007