Ex parte POTTER - Page 12

                Appeal No. 96-1881                                                                                                            
                Application No. 08/095,476                                                                                                    

                sizes and shapes, (2) that all of the chambers in the cushions                                                                
                can be simultaneously inflated through a single opening                                                                       
                communicating with separate inlet passageways for the chambers,                                                               
                and (3) that this is done by a device which first directs air                                                                 
                from a nozzle through the opening and into the chambers, and then                                                             
                seals the ends of the inlet passageways in a small area around                                                                
                the opening to provide an inflated and sealed air cushion.                                       5                            
                Thus, Casey falls at least into the latter category of the                                                                    
                Wood test, and logically would have commended itself to an                                                                    
                artisan's attention in considering the appellant's problem.                                                                   
                Thus, we conclude that Casey is analogous art.                                                                                

                         Contrary to the appellant's argument (brief, pp. 13-15 and                                                           
                18-19), we find that Casey does disclose isolated chambers and                                                                
                thus does provide the suggestion for modifying Bolla in the                                                                   
                manner set forth by the examiner.  Figures 7-9 of Casey show the                                                              
                sequence of inflating the chambers 26 and sealing the passageways                                                             
                28.  Specifically, Figure 7 is an enlarged fragmentary view,                                                                  
                partially in section of an inflation station illustrating a                                                                   
                cushion positioned about an inflating nozzle therein; Figure 8 is                                                             
                an enlarged fragmentary view, partially in section of the nozzle                                                              

                         5See column 1, lines 47-57, of Casey.                                                                                

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