Ex parte POTTER - Page 14

          Appeal No. 96-1881                                                          
          Application No. 08/095,476                                                  

          14 and a sealing position at which the sealing end surface 97 of            
          the heated tube 48 will be pressed against such a cushion 14 on             
          the support surface 46 to seal shut the inlet passageways 28 of             
          the cushion 14 in a narrow band around its central opening 22               
          (see Figure 9).  In view of these teachings of Casey that the               
          inlet passageways are sealed shut, we find that Casey would have            
          taught one skilled in the art that after the inlet passageways              
          are sealed shut, the chambers (26 in Figure 2 or 115 in Figure              
          10) are isolated from each other (i.e., the chambers are out of             
          fluid communication from each other).  Thus, Casey teaches the              
          following steps (1) forming a bladder having opposing surfaces              
          from elastomeric material, the bladder formed to include two                
          chambers opened at one end to a common area, the chambers                   
          isolated from each other except at said common area;                        
          (2) supplying fluid into the bladder, the fluid flowing through             
          the common area so that each chamber is pressurized; and                    
          (3) joining the surfaces to each other at the common area after             
          the chambers are pressurized and thereby isolating the chambers             
          out of fluid communication from each other.  In view of the                 
          above-noted teachings of Casey, we believe there is ample                   
          motivation for one skilled in the art to have inflated Bolla's              
          air pockets 3 and 4, for example, simultaneously through a single           


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