Ex parte MAIER et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-2170                                                          
          Application 08/236,570                                                      


               The appellants' invention is directed to a die coating                 
          apparatus.  The claim on appeal reads as follows:                           
               1.  A die coating apparatus for coating fluid coating onto a           
          surface comprising:                                                         
               a die having an upstream bar with an upstream lip and a                
          downstream bar with a downstream lip, wherein the upstream lip is           
          formed as a land and the downstream lip is formed as a sharp edge           
          having an edge radius no greater than 10 microns;                           
               a passageway running through the die between the upstream              
          and downstream bars, wherein the passageway comprises a slot                
          defined by the upstream and downstream lips, wherein coating                
          fluid exits the die from the slot to form a continuous coating              
          bead between the upstream die lip, the downstream die lip, and              
          the surface being coated; and                                               
               a low surface energy covering applied to the surface of the            
          downstream bar adjacent to the sharp edge, and a low surface                
          energy covering applied to the land, adjacent to its downstream             
          edge to present a generally undulating surface, wherein the low             
          surface energy coverings do not extend completely to the edges of           
          the downstream bar and the land.                                            
                                   THE REFERENCES                                     
               The references relied upon by the examiner to support the              
          final rejection are:                                                        
          Japan                    1-57629                  Dec. 6, 1989              
          Appellant’s Admitted Prior Art Statement cited in the Information           
          Disclosure Statement filed 7/21/94 (Paper #3).                              


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