Ex parte MAIER et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 96-2170                                                          
          Application 08/236,570                                                      

               the downstream bar adjacent to the sharp edge, and a                   
               low surface energy covering applied to the land,                       
               adjacent to its downstream edge to present a generally                 
               undulating surface, wherein the low surface energy                     
               coverings do not extend completely to the edges of the                 
               downstream bar and the land.                                           
          This portion of the claim is illustrated in Figure 16 and                   
          described on page 13 of the specification.                                  

               Claim 1 stands rejected as being unpatentable over the                 
          combined teachings of the admitted prior art and the Japanese               
          reference.  After describing the applicable portions of the                 
          admitted prior art, the examiner acknowledges that it fails to              
          teach placing a low surface energy coating on the surface of the            
          downstream bar (Answer, page 4, lines 1 through 3).  The examiner           
          then focuses upon the Japanese reference, explaining that it                
          teaches placing a low energy surface coating on the upstream lip            
          of the die in a die coating apparatus for the purpose of                    
          preventing disruption of the coating bead (Answer, page 4, lines            
          8 through 10).  Again, the examiner acknowledges shortcomings,              
          admitting that, as compared to the appellants' claim, the                   
          Japanese reference                                                          
               fails to teach a low energy covering applied to the                    
               surface of the downstream bar or . . . which does not                  
               extend completely to the edges of the upstream and                     
               downstream bars of the die (Answer, page 4, lines 15                   


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