Ex parte ANDERSON - Page 2

                Appeal No. 96-2372                                                                                                            
                Application 08/278,676                                                                                                        

                Before STONER, Chief Administrative Patent Judge, and ABRAMS and                                                              
                FRANKFORT, Administrative Patent Judges.                                                                                      
                FRANKFORT, Administrative Patent Judge.                                                                                       

                                                        DECISION ON APPEAL                                                                    
                                 This is a decision on appeal from the examiner's final                                                       
                rejection of claims 1 through 3 and 5 through 26.  Claim 4 has                                                                
                been canceled.                                                                                                                

                                 Appellants' invention relates to an apparatus for the                                                        
                interactive handling of objects, such as electronic documents and                                                             
                tools in a computer workstation environment.   More particularly,         2                                                   
                as noted in the paragraph bridging pages 2 and 3 of the                                                                       
                specification, an objective of the invention is to provide an                                                                 
                                 whereby the menu of options is displayed and                                                                 
                                 whereby movements on or by the pointer device                                                                

                         2As indicated on page 1 of the specification, within the                                                             
                frame of the present application, tools (such as those neces-                                                                 
                sary to copy, transmit, store, etc. documents and sets of data),                                                              
                documents, and the necessary supplemental executable programs                                                                 
                and data are indicated with the general term "objects."  Other                                                                
                kinds of objects are, for example, programs emulating a                                                                       
                calculator, agenda, calendar and telephone directory or                                                                       
                communication equipment, as a telephone or fax.                                                                               

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Last modified: November 3, 2007