Ex parte ANDERSON - Page 10

          Appeal No. 96-2372                                                          
          Application 08/278,676                                                      

                    As a final point, we note that we are aware that                  
          Windows™ software available from Microsoft, installed on a                  
          computer having a viewscreen for displaying a menu of items                 
          and a pointer device in the form of a mouse for pointing at one             
          of a plurality of corresponding areas each associated with one              
          of the options displayed on the viewscreen, has for many years              
          had the capability, on its Program Manager display screen, of               
          allowing the icons therein to be arranged in any manner the user            
          chooses, e.g., in a non-closed, curved band wherein the icons are           
          arranged in an arc about an imaginary center point and the band             
          is defined by inner and outer imaginary concave curved lines                
          encompassing and containing the icon boxes and two spaced later             
          imaginary lines extending generally along a radius toward the               
          imaginary center point.  Moreover, when the user saves this                 
          particular orientation of the icons on the Program Manager                  
          display screen by activating the "Save Settings on Exit" command,           
          the next time the user logs onto Windows™, the software will                

          display the icon options in the non-closed, curved format                   
          previously saved by the user.  Thus, we commend to the examiner a           
          consideration of whether a conventional PC having a mouse input             


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Last modified: November 3, 2007